What it is helpful to know

How many counselling sessions are needed?
It will depend on if you attend as an individual or a couple, the duration of each session and the complexity of your situation.  We will agree what we believe is appropriate, and it can be as few as one or two; however, many people benefit from between five and ten sessions.

How long does a session last?
They can be for either 60 or 90 minutes. The choice is yours and based on your availability and the different cost of each.

When are sessions?
They can be arranged for daytime or evening or at weekends to suit your availability..

How often do I need to attend sessions?
From experience, weekly sessions are beneficial in maintaining your focus and generating the necessary momentum for change.

What does ‘confidential’ mean?
Confidential means that I as your counsellor will not share your information with anyone else. The only exception is where another person is identified as being at risk; we would discuss next steps.

Can I attend counselling sessions on my own?
Yes. My counselling sessions are for individuals or couples. If in a relationship, you may want to come to some sessions alone or with a partner. 

How do I book and pay for an appointment?
Directly with me. I will work with your availability and preferred venue (central Wycombe, Downley, central Marlow or Amersham) and offer a suitable appointment. Payment is during each session by either cash / cheque / BACS transfer / credit card or debit card.  

How do I postpone / cancel a session?
Ideally, arranged appointments are kept. Unavoidable postponements should be made as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before a planned session, and a suitable alternative agreed. Sessions cancelled at less than 24 hours notice will normally be charged at the full rate.