Fed up with having horrible arguments at home? 
Relationship coach reveals the one word that will defuse EVERY marital row (and it's not 'sorry')

Feeling Understood—Even More Important Than Feeling Loved? 
Here are 10 reasons why feeling understood is crucial to your well-being

Love is not enough Click Here to Download the PDF

Technology in our relationship​ Click Here to Download the PDF

Why Good Relationships Don't Just Happen
We need to consciously think about what makes a good relationship, not expect them to magically happen posts therapist Lisa Stevenson

60 Interesting Psychological Facts That Explain Why We Are The Way We Are
This potentially answers so many questions!

We decided to talk through our problems
"I said the only way I'd consider staying together was on the condition that we talked our problems through with a professional relationships counsellor."

Relationships and the green-eyed monster
“Recurring jealousy is a powerful form of insecurity that often results in emotional outbursts and is driven by irrational thought. In relationships, habitual and frequent jealousy is toxic and can eventually rip a good relationship apart."

Need to learn how to listen?
“People come with all sorts of problems but common to most of them is that they’re not listening to one another or they can’t express what it is they want.”